Since its inception, the farmhouse which houses Godfrey Financial Associates has seen a plethora of changes sweep in and out of its walls. From its initial use as a family home to local businesses setting up shop, these sturdy walls have provided a solid foundation for the folks who have called it home.



Built – 1846
First Renovation – around 1920
Second Renovation – 2006(ish)
Newest Renovation –  2015
Rooms – 14
Square feet – 3,500sq ft


  • Speakeasy
  • Free-standing barn
  • 3 Fireplaces
  • 5 Bathrooms
  • 2 Standard Poodles
  • 1 Mini Dachshund

Photo by Akabei/iStock / Getty Images

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Photo by Monkey Business Images/Monkey Business / Getty Images

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